Frequently asked questions

If you don't find what you want to know in this section, please contact me directly.

Q: Can we use photos you made on Facebook and other social media?

A: Yes, as many as you want, provided a link to my webpage is also included.

Q: Do you store copies of our photos, and for how long?

A: I store all files for one year.

Q: How far in advance should I book, and what is required?

A: I can book you up to one year in advance. Just send me an email or call to check your date. To reserve your date a deposit of £50.- to £ 300.- is required. I will contact you shortly before event place for final consultations. 

Q: Do you retouch the images?

A: All of them are corrected for colour balance, lightness and contrast. Retouching (removal of interrupting things) is normally not needed. Monochrome (BW or sepia) filters can also be used lately, as well as some creative filters, on some photographs . That is based on your request.

Q: When you start photographing on a wedding day?

A: Usually, I begin with the bride's preparations (some 2 hours before ceremony)..

Q: How long it takes for you to edit our photographs?

A: My editing time is up to 4 weeks, but usually much sooner. Express edit is possible for and extra fee.

Q: How and when could we see our photos after editing is finished?

A: They will be posted online, in a secure, password protected gallery on my website. I will email you the link and the password immediately after upload is finished. You can share link and password with family and friends, and they can download photos they want to print (up to 4"x6" size). You will also receive photos on usb stick, both in full (high resolution) for print up to large size, and low resolution (for prints up to 4"x6", web use, mobile phones etc.)