About me

My name is Boris. I graduated photography back in 1987, and since then I am constantly involved in photo projects. This passion has arisen at a young age and came from my love towards nature, so beautifully presented in the books I used to read. I was highly impressed by macro shots at the time. Another early source of my passion were LP covers of the music I loved, sometimes with great artistic and sophisticated imagery. I decided then to become a photographer.

In my work today, I combine a strong aesthetic sense with the perfect record of what is happening in front of my camera. Each action - wedding or event photo - is a challenge; I am deeply satisfied when I see strong, beautiful results and when my clients are happy.

While shooting weddings, birthdays or similar highly emotional events, with scenes unpredictably changing, I am completely focused. I am fully into the aesthetics of each moment, and what it means to my clients. I am capturing it without being intrusive. My only goal is to make beautiful, stylish and interesting images for you to enjoy.

I usually do a few staged group shots combined with beautiful candid shots. To capture that, I use a professional digital full frame SLR camera. It also has excellent low light capabilities if needed. I have some excellent lenses and a top of the range flash.

I am a laid back person, easy to talk to and always attentive to my clients' needs. I prefer to meet my clients before the actual event takes place. This way we can discuss what you want to achieve and agree on all details in order for me to meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.

I love nature, art, science, and to some extent philosophy. I am also into adventures, mysteries and challenges. So, if you want your photo shooting to be my next adventure, my next challenge, feel free to contact me to check availability.